The reKO Blackjack Strategy (99.44% Pure) The KO Strategy is one of the very easiest Blackjack card counting strategies, contained in the book Knock-Out Blackjack--The Easiest Card Counting System Ever Devised by Olaf Vancura and Ken Fuchs. Hopefully this brings some clarity to blackjack deviations. I'm trying to take my play to the next level by adding the 18 most useful deviations to my play. So I thought I’d bring some light to the subject, based on the most common questions we receive. He is the Managing Director of the Alea Consulting Group, a leading gaming consultant company with a focus on gaming economics and, is a frequent contributor to world class business publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines’ and over 15 gaming trade publications. However; in certain situations it becomes necessary to deviate from this strategy to gain maximum profitability over the casino. Create your own flash cards! Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. A far more elegant approach is taken. The more positive the number is the more likely a high card will be drawn next, and the more negative the number is the less likely a high card will be drawn. Blackjack software for card counters. The True Count calculation gives the player a value that represents the deck composition. Blackjack is a popular casino-banked game that can utilize anywhere between one and eight decks of cards. There are 2 kinds of deviations: Playing Deviations and Betting Deviations. The True count is a normalization of  the proportional ratio of high cards to low cards or low cards to high that remain per deck (on average). The numbers below show the effect on the player's return under various rules and after taking into consideration proper basic strategy adjustments. With a true count below 3, you will make more money in the long run if you always hit, but you will make more money above a true 3 if you always stand. In my opinion, the best introductory treatment is in Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong, and the most detailed coverage is in Blackjack Attack by Don Schlesinger. Copyright 2020, the 888 Group. Invented Card Counting, Don Johnson: The Man Who Has A yearly win can go from 25,000 dollars to 27,500. Those are the foundations. The running count value is then divided by how many decks are yet to be played (the number of decks is estimated by looking at the cards in the discard tray and estimating the number of decks yet to be played). The 18 plays described equal about 80% of the gain that could be had from playing the full set of indexes. The most common strategy deviations are deck composition dependent. The ILLUSTRAIOUS 18 index numbers will vary from count system to count system. Deviations are, arguably, the most misunderstood part of the game. Because of this increased precision, the index numbers that tell the player when to deviate from basic strategy also become more precise. However, when the true count is above 3, it is statistically better to stand a 12 against a 2. This may not seem to be a lot but over time this adds up. This is quite impossible to do, especially over a six deck shoe that total 312 cards. Only double when playing two hands or when playing one hand and maxed out. Virtual Global Digital Services Limited is licensed and regulated to offer online gaming services under the laws of Gibraltar (Remote Gaming License Numbers 112 and 113) and makes no representation as to legality of such services in other jurisdictions. But there is a sub group of these index plays called the ILLUSTRAIOUS 18. On the other hand, a really low count makes it likely that the dealer then picks up a lot of lower value cards hopefully busting. I do have flashcards for the I18. Our betting products are operated in Ireland by 888 (Ireland) Limited, a company incorporated in Malta, which is licensed and regulated by Ireland's Revenue Commissioners. Vegas, Reno, AC rules explained as well. If the player some-how knew that the next card was a 5, the most financially beneficial play that they can make is to. This means that the player relies on the knowing what cards have been played, so they can determine the cards that are yet to be played. The ILLUSTRIOUS 18 index numbers are the most common form of strategy deviations that a player will employ over their career. This is what I do--although admittedly I haven't practiced in a while. Underground Casinos? The player is not required to memorize all the cards that come out of the shoe. These flashcards will make it easier for you to learn the blackjack strategy card for when you're playing on the shoe, when the dealer stays on soft 17 and there's no surrender. Yes, there are flash cards in the excellent book by Ken Uston titled "Million Dollar Blackjack" This is a great book with interesting stories and strategies for different house rules. I hit up the local casinos and card rooms, playing low-limit tables for practice. 3 – Shuffle Tracking. Seldom will a player with a 99.5% expectation actually walk away with 99.5% of the money he or she bet. Many tables have switched to six-to-five payouts, and this increases the house edge so much that it makes the games unplayable. The most common strategy deviations are deck composition dependent. We get a lot of questions about Blackjack Deviations. The High-Low was first introduced in 1963 by Harvey Dubner1. By always making the correct decision, your bankroll will take fewer swings. The reason for this is that you cannot beat blackjack without perfect basic strategy, counting, and betting. Blackjack Flashcard Maker: Andrew Borek. Deviations are simply times where you will alter your play. For example, in blackjack: With a high true count (larger bet), the AP will adjust his play from basic strategy by: The address of our Malta based companies is: Level G, Quantum House, 75, Abate Rigord St., Ta’ Xbiex, XBX 1120, Malta Together, these deviations account for about 80% of EV gain from the full set of indices. The Hi-Lo Count is the most widely written about, and in my judgment, the most commonly used card counting strategy. So despite what you may have seen in the Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman film “Rain Man,” instantly committing the cards to memory in real time is not the case. I've been looking around and the best advice I've found is make flashcards. For example, by always buying insurance at a true 3, you are protecting your bankroll and will have a lower risk game than if you avoid using that playing deviation. But many of these situations rarely occur and it is not worth the effort to memorize over 175 individual index numbers. Doubling down achieves this, and becomes the obvious choice here. Hi all. Your results will vary each time you bet on blackjack. Then, Deviations account for the remaining 20-40%. I've been a basic strategy player and counter using Hi-Lo for many years. For blackjack and its variants (e.g. It tells the player when the appropriate time to stand, hit, double down, split and if applicable when to surrender (this where the player surrenders half of their initial bet to the casino). The player is not required to memorize all the cards that come out of the shoe. For example, normally you will hit a 12 against a 2. TIP: There is an comprehensive section on Blackjack Deviations in our Card Counting Training Course. A far more elegant approach is taken. The Hi-Lo count works by assigning values to the cards. If the player some-how knew that the next card was a 5, the most financially beneficial play that they can make is to double down. Start studying Illustrious 18 - blackjack deviations. Learn the correct strategy when playing on a blackjack table with these flashcards. strategy deviations. Rather than thinking of deviations as “steering away from basic strategy”, you can think of deviations as the proper basic strategy for each true count. If you like the thrill of betting it all and winning against the odds, then our blackjack flashcards set is for you. Playing Deviations are times where you will deviate from basic strategy because the composition of the cards has changed due to the true count changing. ... For deviations, I'd recommend flash cards. If you account for all the blackjack rules and basic strategy of blackjack, the standard deviation of the game falls at the value of 1.14, in general. The 5 would give the player a total of 21, which is a no lose scenario for the player. Whether you enjoy gambling for a leisurely evening or purely for the thrill of risk and reward, these flashcards are designed to set anyone up for a game and help them come out on top – or at the very least, minimize their losses. When the casino has the edge, you will bet less, but as the edge moves to the player,  the player will bet more. When your foundation is solid, you can work on adding playing deviations. Blackjack Deviations. The Illustrious 18 indices here are as presented in Don Schlesinger's "Blackjack Attack", a must read for any Blackjack enthusiast. There is a True Count value at which a basic blackjack strategy deviation play is mathematically justified. Standard deviation and its effect on blackjack If you account for all the blackjack rules and basic strategy of blackjack, the standard deviation of the game falls at the value of 1.14, in general. Blackjack Basic Strategy Cards; Blackjack School Flashcards; 6 Deck Blackjack Basic Strategy; Blackjack strategy; 6 decks, hit on soft 17, DAS, NS, peek; Single Deck Blackjack Basic; BlackJack Flashcards; Blackjack Wiz of Odds; Blackjack Hard Totals Hi low point count; BlackJack Soft Totals To get a complete walk-through of the what, why, and how, along with memorization tips, check out the Video Training Course. The game cycles through 17 of the 18 indices (insurance at +3 is not quizzed). Click here to study/print these flashcards. But you cannot put the cart before the horse. He is also the founder of Casino Exploits a player centric casino gaming site. Beaten The Casino. Yahoo has blackjack, but I … The easiest way to learn the strategy deviations is with "flash cards." Blackjack Brainscape Certified Class. $ Add 1 to each index for each stiff you get when splitting tens. This means that in a game with a 0.5% house edge, the standard deviation marks the odds to win and lose on both sides of the bell curve. Sign up here. In Blackjack, Basic Strategy is the series of decisions that a player adheres to so that they can incur the minimal loss of funds over time. Applies to counters and non-counters; single, double, and multiple deck games. Imagine a situation where the player has an initial 2 cards that total 16, while the dealer has a 7 as an up card. The True Count calculation gives the player a value that represents the deck composition. In blackjack each card that is dealt either adds too, or subtracts from the initial advantage the casino has over the player. That is easily a down payment on a car or a nice vacation.The chart below represents the ILLUSTRIOUS 18 using the Hi-Lo count system. This will always follow the strategy of your bet spread. I think you can find it for less than $20. The shifting percentages can be kept track of using any number of counting systems. All cards 2-6 are assigned a value of +1. These actions are determined by computer simulation, and decision points become firm at around 400 million hands. To get a complete walk-through of the what, why, and how, along with memorization tips, check out the Video Training Course . The cards are added up after each round and total is calculated. The most common decision any player makes at Blackjack is whether to hit or stand, consequently this will be the most common basic strategy variation and you should learn all the important ones. Study Flashcards On blackjack Basic Strategy at As the persistent student gains understanding and proficiency in additional forms of Advantage Play more complex deviations are adhered too.

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