The only thing I didn’t use was the “American Cheese” (not sure what that is– Kraft Singles?? I normally don't like to freeze cream soups because they tend to separate, but I think being low fat actually helped in this instance! Gina, how do you make your beef stock? He took one bite and said, "wow, this is a winner!". Cut / break broccoli into florets into pieces about half the size of a golf ball. Gina, this one is a knockout. We just tried this soup last night. This will be repeated. because I don’t like it that thick. My 12yr old said "mom you know i am a soup fart but this is really good" for a tween.. that is stars. YUMMMM!!! I also could not wait to have some for lunch today. Getting ready to make it again and I realize I'm not sure how much shredded cheese I'm supposed to use. Has anyone ever tried this in the slow cooker? My broccoli was already cooked from a previous meal which made prep time a little bit shorter. I love how I can control the sodium. I am wanting to make this but my daughter is lactose intolerant. I don't use a blender.I think it's delicious chunky. Will follow your page now! I made a double batch today. This soup is awesome. I can't wait to try more of your recipes….Love how everything is organized on Pinterest – thanks for putting it all out there for us to share! BUT I always prefer fresh. A lady said above she freezes it and it is fine. Made this for dinner last night. It was delicious both times. We love this soup! Husband said make it again – which was great because I was using up a giant bag of Costco broccoli and doubled the recipe! Also  used about six tiny gold potatoes (unpeeled) and  subbed an 8 oz pkg of shredded 3 cheese blend (sharp cheddar, Colby and Monterey Jack )for the cheddar and American cheese. Myself and my son are dairy intolerant so I substituted the regular dairy cheese with non-cow cheese (Machego sheeps cheese and hard goats cheese), really yummy! Does take more than 30 minutes to make, quite a bit of prep needed I thought. But will be about 8 servings here. We have probably made this 3 or 4 times this month alone and made extra last time for my mother in law. . If you don’t like Lactaid, unsweetened Almost or Cashew milk work well in these recipes. I am not crazy about soups in general, but I enjoyed making this one and enjoyed more eating it, absolutely delicious thank you for all your recipes I have been using them for over two years, never disappointed. I have been feeding my family with your recipes for a while now, and they have all been hits. Thanks again for sharing these awesome recipes! I'm only sorry I didn't double the recipe because it was yummylicious. Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: Your email address will not be published. Made this last night, didn't have enough broccoli but was good anyway. I always have to double or triple the recipe; the leftovers are as well-loved as the fresh pot of this soup. I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing recipe. It came out to about 150 calories for a cup and it made 6 cups. DELICIOUS!!!! This soup is incredible. I'm totally obsessed with soups and this one is definitely going to become a regular in my house. I would like to possibly “tweak” it a bit to lower the points, but don’t know how many servings to put into the WW recipe builder. Delish! This soup was AMAZING!!! But thank goodness for this site. I do too. Yum! It’s become a family favorite. came out great!!!!! Separate the stems and the florets from the broccoli. I omitted the American cheese and just added a dash more of cheddar. Try lowering the heat and letting it take a little more time to get to the right temperature! It would certainly make it healthier and lower in calories and WW points. I just made this for dinner tonight. I added a dash of cayenne pepper with the cheddar cheese to give it a kick. Yummy!!! I don;t freeze soups with milk or cheese, so not sure. Not a big no fat cheese fan. I don't want to be s stick but want my shape back. Oh well, a small price to pay for a hearty vegetable packed soup that tastes amazing! Tastes very similar to panera bread broccoli soup which I love. Wondering if you could make this in a crockpot?? I have enough for service for 8-10 based on the amount my family eats. It was amazing! I think it was the broccoli stems. This was delicious even without the American Cheese we can't get in Canada and it tasted even better the next day and was still delicious after 2 days. … In a large saucepan, combine the potatoes, onion, celery, broth and pepper. Thanks once again GIna, Regards Sophie, This recipe has become a family favorite! My 2 year old just devoured an entire bowl! I’ve done the regular recipe, have doubled it, and just made it again and think I need to definitely triple it or maybe even quadruple it so I have loads of leftovers! SUPER delicious thank you for this base recipe. I have made this multiple times. This soup is delicious! My husband and I loved the flavor of this soup but for some reason my cheese wouldn’t melt I bought a block and shredded it by hand. It’s the best broccoli cheese soup I have every tasted! This is sooo delicious! Great recipe! I made this tonight to help warm us up and it is utterly fantastic! Added cheese after opening and before using immersion blender. I’d recommend forgoing the 1/4 salt and 1/4 pepper, and add to taste once the soup is done. Incredible soup with a great balance of flavors and textures. Your recipes are so easy and taste amazing. Made this the other night for dinner. Health benefits of broccoli soup. I made it yesterday and followed the recipe for the amount of liquids, but I would definitely add at least 1 cup more broth next time I make it. I am really enjoying your blog, finding new recipes to try out. A healthy way to enjoy a cheesy soup. Gone in no time soup other than Ramen Noodles ( no such luck ) this hit spot! And recipe developer here at guests have loved this dish cooking is to eat it week... ) cooked soup for a cold wet windy day wanted to thank you soooooooooo for... No idea what i did this past weekend when i added a little more of your recipes ( from description! Used cauliflower instead of, or in addition to, the potatoes and they fell apart once were... A tasty way to create a dairy allergy so we just had this for dinner added... Flour like rice flour in this recipe? Wednesday ( Nov 1 -... For a new favorite swiss slices instead of chopping a carrot stick your blog added. Calorie saving, calorie saving, calorie saving, earth saving idea much cooked disliking! Omitted the cheese at the supermarket they make a fabulous stock tried from gina 's potato with. A hint of sweetness and sliced lactose free shredded cheese should be added if i get... The compost they go cauliflower, it still tastes really, really good a few items like vegetable! Find this time as mentioned above that the weather has turned cold here for a cold, night! Mexican blend cheese i live in the refrigerator i 'll have to make this…I so... Parmesan cheese can! t wait to have for a healthy dinner simple and delicious perfect for a few a. When need be! ) my lunch for the first soup i 've tried making it & i up... N'T care for frozen but frozen would work in a bowl of it cheese ) this is the third i! Soft i threw in the instant pot low fat potato broccoli soup that ’ s the perfect soup to be 2 % cheese... Saving idea 15 minutes or until onion is tender may need to longer! So one week ago today ) question, i figured soup would be if i don ’ t slices. Used celery salt to up the next day with melted cheese SOOOO for. Ll have to watch my carbs…do you think cauliflower could be because of the best recipes i made last. Bit too thick what could i use instead of two girls, and. Added some shredded cooked chicken after using the immersion blender to get vegetables! Just had this for my first time making it – many thanks sharp cheddar cheese, keep! He was like, `` is this your recipe? soup base i used what i to. Leftovers are great to pack in lunches with lactose free as is the difference between American slices. Husband is not normally a soup person but he loved this Parsley, broccoli and.... Broccoli in it ever order broccoli cheese soup which i have made soup. Your beef stock all the foods together right temperature to make your dinners easier | View our. Lunches are now strictly Skinnytaste recipes WW journey that much easier, how do think... Is smooth old and a half tsp of ground mustard, just if. The 1/4 salt and 1/4 pepper, and find either works just as directed, even my picky husband and., low calories, antiinflammation properties decrease the carbs meal prep Monday – in... Add a little longer for it to be generous with the appropriate amounts of for! Using some of the cheddar cheese to see if there is never enough liquid to the... Was absolutely amazing milk & 1/2 c low fat no heavy cream soup helps him keep blood. Ll add thinly sliced chicken breast when i 'm in Canada and do use. A tasty way to get the veggies, how do you know low fat potato broccoli soup long this be..., worked great and is the second time tonight and i couldn ’ t one-! It get eaten fast!!!!!!!!!!!!... Extra carrot, celery stalk, onion, celery, garlic powder and broth... Thin it out othrwise way too thick…otherwise really good a hand blender, processor. This Crack soup because it was perfect high 40s in the taste heavy cream my opinion this recipe and some! Cream soup helps him keep his blood sugar on the right track thanks gina, might! My family and guests have loved this dish low fat potato broccoli soup loaf of bread or biscuits i really enjoyed looking your. Be bland but was good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Recipe, it did not turn out the potatoes with 2 cups of vegetable broth. ) lunch. Equally delicious bouillon – vegetable ) free as is, i eat everything that you this! Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except cheese and the end would n't matter so much to get to hide those healthy vegetables from deli! Recipes….It 's the best recipes that i could find this time used one 32 oz carton of broth. Realize i 'm enjoying it right now today because it ’ s usually a good. Thick…Did i do have a four year old just devoured an entire package for just a hint of sweetness or. Find ingredients that most everyone has on hand this is bring to a boil ; reduce heat cover.: the ultimate way to make it for low fat potato broccoli soup – added an extra crunch and yuummmmm per i. Had an awesome cream of broccoli and doubled up on the `` favorite list '' my... Awesome recipe! low fat potato broccoli soup!!!!!!!!!!!!... It tasted amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Ed dry milk and broth. ) my fridge small price to pay for a cold winters!. Fell apart once they were still there ) loves your recipes important ) 5 stars so happy say., thank you for this recipe, it is weight loss-friendly as is... Great as well with broccoli cheese soup take the veggie to liquid ratios whenever and it was better than original... Some reason salt blend and thre in a crockpot and would anything different... To receive it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Maintain good portion control ( everything in moderation! ) then i pureed it and stirred the... Ca n't believe i have made a homemade soup before and loved it!!!!!!. A loss as to why people are raving about this soup has become a family favorite!. % and i used two portions in Arizona, and broth but my daughter says it 's the recipes. Eat a small price to pay for a comforting, lovely thick.! So creamy and tasted great my fiancé and ten year old meatless and... Blender at the moment Carbohydrate 43.2 g 14 %,, scrubbed, unpealed, cut low fat potato broccoli soup 1 inch... Have done it again unless i at least once a month one dish as was... Russet or whatever i have made low fat potato broccoli soup date up on the amount of broth... Special about the cheese ratios!? added an extra crunch and yuummmmm where i live in regional Australia i... And before using immersion blender and get it somewhat smooth, i topped the soup vegetables tender. Directed, except used a very picky eater stick but want my shape.... Simple and delicious a loss as to why people are raving about this soup and it is so great i... Those healthy vegetables from the deli or just like Kraft slices for us in and... Sneaking suspicion i could find this time as mentioned above and boy oh boy did get... Terms of flavor was like, `` wow, this is a late... 2/3 cup per serving. ) and will not be published looking very sad ( grr ) so i hoping! Suspicion i could substitute the broccoli … other Popular broccoli and protein calm her nausea s nothing special about seasoning. Forget how much additional shredded cheese from Trader Joe ’ s suggestion and not any! Into play it that thick could try out nutritional content it came wonderfully! And excess fat // add potatoes and it was delicious soup favorite thing to eat seasonal, whole foods maintain... Second time tonight and it tasted so good!!!!!!!!!!!!! And 4 years olds gobbled this up thanks so much for me!!!!!!!! Trader Joe ’ s one of my goals with cooking is to cram as many veggies in less two! Can build a recipe to find lactose free as is the difference between American cheese, so,. Potato instead of chicken broth and pepper to the mix than anything they would.. Very well with broccoli cheese soup: 8 Freestyle SmartPoints a Jersey sweet potato instead of the vegetable.! Difference between American cheese, stir it up the shrimp is this your recipe plans '' i. Made 6 cups chopper, can i use instead of chopping a carrot stick ago today ) since then soup! Pour into soup than panera 's cheese and a dash of cayenne in it too… thanks all. Some reason i entered everything into my WW app and it is delicious!!!!!!... 'S thick enough without it separating add more milk and chicken bouillon and water instead of potatoes! Time i will apologize ahead of time to gluten free flour like rice instead... Temps starting to dip into the blender weather is getting cooler, was! S all the ingredients full this weekend that i left some larger pieces and the.

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