Slide up the drain’s gasket and washer before threading the nut onto the drain by hand. To make the patching easy, cut the old drywall back to the inside edges of the studs, then add 2x2 blocking to the sides of the studs to support the new drywall and provide plenty of wood for driving in the drywall screws. The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. And, it is about three inches off center in the space where the sink needs to go, making installation of the pedestal impossible as is. Floor sinks or pedestal sinks provide a much more elegant look to a bathroom. Check for leaks by opening the supply lines. Hope that helps you figure out how to go about floor plumbing your pedestal sink. Secure it using washers and cap nuts. Let’s see how it looks when all the pieces are together, so you can assess the height and width of the pedestal sink before it is permanently fixed. Pedestal sink plumbing is simple and shouldn’t take you more than a day or so to complete. Install it using the drill, with as many as three screws on each corner so they form a triangle. For this, use the utility knife to slowly cut the sealant atop your vanity (if you want to keep the sink for later, you may use a rubber mallet to get the sink loose without cracking its surface). This is important to keep in mind when shopping and exploring your options. My pedestal sink has a U-shape on the base to contain the pipes, so it's possible. Since part of the drain will be visible from certain angles, it looks best if the finish of the drain trap matches the faucet and bathroom trim. Typically, you drill a hole through the finish flooring and secure the pedestal to the subfloor with a screw. Costs. After hand tightening the slip nuts, do an extra turn using hand pliers. Tighten it using a wrench–just enough, but not too much so that it cracks. Now, unscrew the vanity and reinstall the P-trap to the plumbing. Bracing in the wall is often needed for anchoring the sink basin. You may need to make plumbing changes and flooring and wall repair as well as adjusting to a lack of storage space. Here, by assemble, I mean loosely assemble. Apply silicon glue to the underside of the flange. or 1-1/4 in. Slowly pull out the pedestal and move it aside. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series. Besides that, if you find yourself in a situation where your bathroom has a floor drain instead of the more conventional wall drain, floor plumbing is your only viable option. The sink is mounted to the wall and also rests on the pedestal stand. As with the trap, the water lines and shutoff valves should match the trim of the bathroom because they will be visible from some angles. Look at the base and ask questions when you buy it and you … Tighten it properly, but not too much so that the sink cracks. Before removing the old sink, turn off the water … If there are leaks, apply some plumber’s putty and tighten the nuts. Drop the drain through the sink’s drain hole and press it for a couple of seconds. The flange is the part of the drain which you see when you are using the sink. Hopefully your floor is wood and not concrete.....wood will make it a lot easier to move plumbing to accommodate the pedestal. This can be smaller or bigger than the sink’s dimension, but make sure that it is at least as big so that there is enough support. These days, that vintage look is coming back into vogue. In other words, choosing a bathroom sink is not as easy as it seems. There are a few ways to hide the pedestal sink plumbing or other unsightly obstruction. All Rights Reserved. This kind of sink is more striking than other kinds and they don’t occupy too much cabinet space. When comparing pedestal sink prices, keep in mind that the sink basin and the pedestal may be priced separately. Keep in mind that the hanger bolts you use should be long enough to remain at least an inch into the bathroom. Wipe off any excess glue that may be seen atop or below the drain. This is what you do for the drain: The same is done for the faucets. Stately pedestal sinks have largely been replaced by vanities. When you run your pipes through a joist, you will have to be careful with your work. The central line of the pedestal is already marked. Also, check the sink’s specifications and rough-in dimensions. Make sure the prices you compare include both parts. Having done that, let’s attach the P-trap assembly quickly and connect the water supply lines. Now mark… Check to see that the sink is level, and adjust if need be. I'm replacing the fixtures and plumbing in a small (42 x 51") first-floor half bathroom and want to install a pedestal sink. Removing the Old Sink ... from the floor to center of the waste opening and from the floor to the center of the water supplies coming out of the wall. There is a P-shaped tube under your sink called P-trap, and you are going to remove it up next, so place a bucket directly underneath it. Cut up a piece of wood to the dimensions that you have marked on the studs. Start with some careful comparison shopping, and consider both the faucet and the sink together. Mark the height of the pedestal sink on the wall. If you have a chrome faucet, then you might want a nice chrome drain trap and flange. Install the P-trap to the tailpiece of the sink’s drain, using slip nuts. 20 inch mayfair pedestal sink in white vine hammered copper pedestal sink does the pedestal look bad in bathroom before after dollar skirted sink halden porcelain pedestal sink bathroom Installing A Pedestal Sink With In Floor Drain Diy Home Improvement ForumBefore After Dollar Skirted SinkPedestal Sinks Ing And Installing A Bathroom SinkBathroom Flooring Vanity Plumbing… The only difficulty is that the existing drain goes through the concrete floor rather than curving into the wall. The … A larger pedestal base will be able to hide the plumbing better than a sleek one. The slope should be about 1/4" for each foot of pipe. Turn off both and let the water already inside the faucet piping run out. Once the sink is loose, remember that it can be heavy. © 2020 Sink Engineering - Ask The Plumbers LLC. With the help of someone else, hold the sink so it doesn’t slip off the wall. This is where the sink’s mounting bracket would attach. Push the bucket under the water lines, and disconnect them next. Cut the old drainpipes. They are a long-established brand founded in 1873 and at the forefront of bathroom plumbing manufacturing and design. You have successfully installed your pedestal sink! Check to see that the sink is level, and adjust if need be. We are thinking of a pedestal sink but can't find a lot of info about installing one with the drain in the floor. This is where you will hang the sink, even though it is going to be on a pedestal. Home » Sink » How to Install a Pedestal Sink with Floor Plumbing. Seek help to remove it. Now, instead of using a drill for this, you can attach a cap nut and use a socket wrench to drive the bolts into the wall. In addition, if you have to make changes to the plumbing or add bracing in the wall, you'll need to patch in the drywall, finish the seams, and paint the wall. Now, the P-trap can be removed. from the floor. Prop up the sink so it doesn’t fall when it is loosened from the wall. The pedestal sink must be mounted to the floor for stability. Installing a pedestal sink can make a small bathroom feel bigger by freeing up both physical and visual space normally occupied by a vanity cabinet. Let any water in the pipe drain into the bucket. In fact, if the faucet is more important than the sink style, choose the faucet first, then find a sink with right hole configuration for the faucet. The last step of connecting the sink, toilet, or tub is almost superfluous. Installing a pedestal sink can open up a lot of floor space in your bathroom. Open the slip nut that fastens the P-trap to the rest of the structure. KOHLER K-2362-1-0 Cimarron Pedestal Bathroom Sink review. Cover the area beneath the pedestal sink with decorative accessories. The drain is in the floor and I would like to figure out the best option without moving the drain. A pedestal sink is often sold as two separate pieces — the pedestal and the sink basin. Most always, you deal with wall plumbing when it comes to bathroom sinks. If you don't want the sink to be directly in front of the existing drain location, you'll have to cut the drain pipe and install fittings to reroute it to the desired location. Aaron Stickley is a licensed plumber with first-hand knowledge in solving home plumbing problems. For those who want to decorate their bathrooms, using a floor sink … If you need to slightly raise the sink to slide the pedestal in, do it. Whether or not the pedestal sink that you bought requires extra support will be clearly mentioned in the manual. Now let’s center the pedestal on the wall so that the sink is flush against the mounting board. This is why we already installed a mounting board in the bathroom. Drain traps and other fittings are available with chrome, bronze, copper, and nickel finishes. Most pedestal sinks are designed to be centered directly over the drain pipe in the wall, with the water pipes flanking the drain. Proper installation of a pedestal sink begins with the rough-in plumbing. Before you decide to purchase, here are some things to think about: The single largest problem is that there is seldom room to move the pedestal sink either direction. Then screw the pedestal to the floor through the bolt hole previously made. There are generally accepted plumbing rough-in measurements for sinks, toilets, and tub/showers. Mount the Pedestal to the Floor. Repair the wall surface with new drywall and paint (or wall tile, as the case had been). KOHLER is an American manufacturer known for the quality of their plumbing products. Pedestal sinks are a space saver and can add an elegant touch to the bathroom. The sink bowl is usually attached on the wall mounted on a bracket and by simply lifting up on the sink it will detach from the wall. After this, carefully lift up the sink and slide the pedestal out. But before you rip out your old vanity to install a pedestal sink, be aware of what the project involves. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Many prefer floor sinks over wall mounted sinks these days. To cut steel pipe, use a … Your email address will not be published. Check the studs that will be revealed now, and see how much length is needed for the board to be attached to the studs. Place tall ceramic or glass vessels on either side of the sink base to cover the pipes. The bathroom was a total gut so I have plenty of room to run all new DWV to the existing stack. Tighten the hanger bolts’ cap nuts and ta-da! 7 Steps to Install a Pedestal Sink with Floor Plumbing: Step 4: Installing Optional Support Board for Extra Stability, Step 5: Prepping the Surface for Installation, Step 6: Plumbing the Sink Drain and Faucet, Wall paint and drywall supplies to repair the wall. Your email address will not be published. Running drainpipes through floor joists is more complicated than running them parallel to the joists. Connect the water supply lines to the appropriate valves of the faucet. Use the wrenches to unscrew the sink and remove it. Hold the P-trap, fitted with its elbow, alongside the pipe, with the trap's vertical end centered on the mark. As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The floor and the wall might not be finished behind the old vanity. Re: Plumbing Pedestal Sink Thru Floor; Author: sum (FL) I like packy's idea of making the wall deeper, build out another 2X3 or 2X4 so that the plumbing can come up through the footprint of the new wall, the OD of 2" PVC is 2-3/8" but the fitting will need more space, you might get by with 2X3 if you use 1-1/2" drain (if it's to code). The less you see of the drain and water lines, the better the pedestal will look. But if you want to avoid the additional work, keep the location of the existing plumbing in mind when you decide on what pedestal to buy. Let any excess water drain into the bucket. But if you are anything like me, you dig the clean look of a single, pedestal sink. Once you’re done taking all the measurements, it’s time to get your swanky pedestal sink up and running. Check the height of the P-trap with respect to the pop-up drain’s tailpiece. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to plumb a pedestal sink through the floor without having to use the code-prohibited S-traps. You need to double-check the level and maybe even get someone to hold the sink for you so that no accidents happen. Step 4 - Cut the Holes Arrange tall potted artificial plants in a formation on the floor around the sink. I want to put in a Kohler Cimmaron pedestal sink in my bathroom. In a pinch, you can also opt for standard plastic and paint it to match the wall or sink color. While you do that, also mark the hole where the pedestal is to be attached to the floor, so all three holes can be drilled together. Distance between the floor and the water supply pipes Distance right to left from each water supply pipe to the drain Sit on the floor with the sketch in hand and visualize how the back of the pedestal sink will match up with the supply lines. Thanks for reading along and good luck with your little DIY plumbing venture. Bolt the Pedestal to the Floor Finish installing the pedestal sink by bolting the pedestal to the floor with the bolts or nuts provided. By using The Spruce, you accept our, 15 Beautiful Bathrooms With Stylish Pedestal Sinks, How to Disconnect and Remove a Dishwasher, Easy Kitchen Plumbing Projects You Can Do Yourself, How to Install a Floor Drain for the Laundry Room, How to Install a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System, How to Install a Bathroom Vanity With Sink and Countertop. We thought about a small corner sink but we would need to figure out how to get to the drain. If you need to slightly raise the sink to slide the pedestal in, do it. For mounting a pedestal sink to the floor, irrespective of the floor type, you will need the following things: There can be both hot water and cold water supply lines to your bathroom sink. sink tailpiece and to 1 … Author: Frigid Ridgid (IL) I'm renovating a second floor bathroom in an old farmhouse, replacing a vanity sink with a pedestal sink. Paint the plumbing so … To remove the pedestal sink to gain access behind it, remove the caulk under the sink bowl and the caulk near the bottom stand at the floor. Cut up the drywall in that dimension. Hello First, let me say this a great forum. The best part about pedestal sinks is that they don’t ruin the vibe of your bathroom with ugly exposed pipes. The plumbing fits inside the pedestal, which is secured to the floor. Learn how to remove an old sink, install a pedestal sink to the wall and get plumbing tips. Once you are a hundred percent sure that the sink is positioned correctly, let’s mark the two anchor holes of the sink on the wall. Read more here. If you attempt this project be prepared to have to relocate either or both the supply lines and drain. Pedestal Sink: Possible or Impossible? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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