Saturday – Sunday : Closed, GOVT MIGRATION INTERVIEWS Would you please let me know whether this document is really required? These cases are: absence/fraudulence of the passport or substitute document, visa, residence or work permit, fraudulent acquisition of these permits; absence of a passport or substitute document which is valid for at least sixty days as of expiry of the associated visa, visa exemption, or residence permit; falling under the scope of the foreigners listed under Article 15(1) regulating the refusal of visa, regardless of the existence/ nonexistence of visa exemption. However, my German passport will expire in Jan 2018, which means I can’t apply at this point (as far as I understood my passport needs to be valid for the period of the ikamet I want to get + 60 days extra). If your passport is in non-Latin letters, get a notarized translation. Where can I apply for my residence permit? Yes, you can still travel through the validity of the visa. An overview of the new Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. In theory this should be fine, you’ll just need to be sure she’s in Turkey from the date she’s made her renewal appointment until she receives her updated card. 2. Thank you. To avoid this, we suggest bringing a bank statement from a Turkish bank showing that you have at least $6000 (for a 12 month application). Regards. Your insurance documentation MUST include the following statement. Residence Permit Fee Refunds If you've paid for a longer duration of a residence permit than you've received, for example, if you paid for a two-year residence permit and only got one year, or if your application was rejected, you can get a refund. No. They should know what to do (if having issues, point to the payment fee section). 26. You can reach them at 157. Yes, this is a common tactic. Hi James, not entirely sure we understand the question. 28. 28. A NOTE ON WORK PERMITS IN TURKEY. I called 157 several times and they told me that I should be able to come back without any problems; but that I have to ask in the airport tomorrow. iResidence is a dynamic consulting agency who operates on full-service and has been sending non-Turkish applicants, from over 1oo countries worldwide for residence / work permit to Turkey for over 17 years. Just be aware that this does mean a break in continued residency (if aiming to eventually get a long-term residence permit). You’ll need to venture to a proper courthouse (Çağlayan in Istanbul) and request your, Proof you haven’t received social aid – Rarely requested but easy enough to procure. In comparison to Article 8 of the Law on Passports, the list of foreign persons who shall not be permitted entry into Turkey in the new regulation reflects a ‘more contemporary vision’, in which non fulfillment of formal requirements is considered legitimate ground for prohibition of entry. It can be said, therefore, that the regime of international protection is according an ‘extra’ favor to foreigners in the field of entry into Turkey. Hi Sena. 24. 10. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. . I exited turkey 2016-12-16. 15. Can you suggest me any solutions to my problem? 5. Hafez, you’d likely have to get a travel visa as they won’t accept an expired permit. Have you tried calling their official help line (157) and asking? Is it possible To renew her Short Term Permit every year, and Live 9 Months Abroad/3 Months in Turkey? Hi، I have been working and living in Turkey for sometime now. Last we checked, you can’t transition between any type of other residence permit to a family residence permit (in regards to renewal), so you’d have to treat the family residence permit as a first time application regardless. My touristic permit is going to end soon and I need to know if I need to review that one, while I still hold a valid work permit. Ideally, the background check for Turkish residence permit must prove that you have no criminal background and will not prove to be any kind of threat for the people or the government of Turkey. . Can I leave Turkey in the time between having attended the appointment and waiting for my residence permit card to arrive via mail? Dear Sir/ Ma’am, We’ve heard of cases where people go early and try to explain the urgency of their situation, but it really ends up depending on the sympathies of who you’re speaking with. Best of luck! I have been in turkey since 21st oct 2017 and married my Turkish husband in November. Greetings! Never got to speak to them as call-time was up. I talked with immigration, the embassy, lawyers, experts, and they all give different answers. Hello, we have just renewed our ikamet. Is this true? Finally, Article 8 emphasizes that non fulfillment of requirements stipulated in Articles 5, 6 and 7 (as to entry into and exit from Turkey through border gates with valid passports, to document checks and to not fall under the scope of the category of foreigners who are not permitted entry into Turkey) shall not be interpreted or implemented in a way to prevent the application of international protection. and when i’m i expected to get the said processed Residence permit after the process? 18). What happens if the applicant comes to the interview with the address that is different from the one at the time of application? The regulation about the refusal of visas is a novelty; the Law on Passports contains no similar provision. 3 Can my kids take admissions in the schools ? It’s been a week. We’d recommend contacting your consulate and see if they have any advice on the matter. Your application for an extension may be rejected in the future without reason. Can I leave Turkey if my appointment is scheduled, but my visa is NOT expired yet? visa Yesterday I tried to call the Turkish embassy in Copenhagen and was waiting in line 2,5 hours. • TURKEY WORK PERMIT ID AND VISA In case you don’t receive any response about your residence permit application within the 90 day period, get in touch with the immigration office because sometimes they don’t inform applicants when the application is rejected. 13. How do I make sure I haven’t overstayed my tourist visa? 11). These are best done in collaboration with the institution that has invited you to study. 21. i do need help. Since Work Permit Card substitute residence permit in Turkey, "Work Annotated Visa" issued by these offices can only be used for entrance and for 90 days at maximum. However, in order to benefit from a short-term residence permit, you must apply to Bureau of Asylum And Immigration before the visa or exemption process has passed! do you have any info? It needs to be notarized if it’s a first time appointment. If I need to have money in a Turkish bank account for proof of financial capacity, how can I open one? 17. What should I do? Monday – Friday : 08:00 – 17:00 6458 (LFIP) was adopted in April 2013 by Turkish Grand National Assembly. what should i do? If not, we’d suggest going to the local office (where you would have your appointment) and seeing if you can get an update in person. The likelihood of being found out and penalized is high. Should I carry my residence permit with me during my day-to-day? You can contact the official help line at 157 and maybe they can offer some more guidance on the process. Hello What are the various types of residence permit application options? And also can I go to european country from turkey……PLEASE ANSWER ME. I’m planning to renew my passport before going back to Turkey, since it’s expiring next year (2018). Residency permits in Turkey are valid for varying periods from six months to five years. We’d suggest not risking the overstay at all, as some passport control officers seem to be unaware of the rule entirely. 22. . I live in Turkey, worked over the summer, all legal, and then wanted to extent my residence permit, as I still live here. Hello, No. . If yes, can you please link an official website or something of that matter. . 1. . Once you have your residence permit, you can travel for the duration of that permit. If fortunate, you’ll have it in a week or so. The major things to note when getting health insurance are: Yabangee has partnered with a local insurance agency to process you as quickly, easily and affordably as possible. Residence Permit Types. Noter wants a lot to do this They took €200 but its been 2 and half months and they said still imniyet fatih didn’t response that documents are accepted or not. However, if you live at home it should be notarized. . We’d suggest contacting the official help line at 157 and trying for a definitive answer. Monday – Friday : 08:30 – 16:30 You could always try calling the official help line at 157 and seeing what their official stance is on late fees. . We’d also suggest 157 and ask to clarify with an agent there. Have you had experiences that contradict any of the above? Article 7 of the LFIP includes the cases in which foreigners shall not be permitted entry into Turkey. These countries are: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Yes, as long as the appointment was scheduled before you used up the 90 eligible days on your visa, you should be fine. You should always call 157 for any last minute changes, but generally yes. Please is there a possibility that he will be granted one? Hi. Kind regards It may be said that the principles of international law and Human rights have also been taken into consideration, as the Articles affecting the entry, residence and deportation of foreigners, constitutes a manifestation of the principle of nonrefoulement. Nevertheless, the provision of the old law (Art. Please help!!!! Hello…iam a 2.5 years of marriage to a Turkish…iam looking forward to applying for Turkish citizenship after the legal 3years of marriage requirement. Procedure of Residence Permit Application in Turkey. Can I leave Turkey if my appointment is scheduled, but my visa is NOT expired? Thank you best regards. Additionally, short term residence permit shall be The four most common are: 4. hello. However, perhaps the person on the phone could provide better advice considering the circumstances or if he goes to his immigration office (where he received the permit), they may help him. You’ll have to head to your district’s Nüfus Müdürlüğü Office and retrieve an official change of address form. 15) are rather substantial in nature. - The rental Agreement residence permit is a Touristic Residence Permit and gives no rights. You will be unable to enter and exit Turkey during this time however. Best of luck! It should be noted that when applying for a long-term permit, they often consider how long you’ve spent outside the country in making their decision. Until June of this year I had my student residence permit as Erasmus’ student. Anyway, the police in the first Turkish airport told me that I would maybe get a problem on the way back (again, what to make of that answer) but he didn’t think so, and advised me to ask the embassy in Denmark. What should I do if my passport is lost, stolen, renewed, etc. Copyright © 2010 - 2021. Unfortunately, this is a bit out of our area of focus. A six-month residence visa is mainly given to seasonal employees. . Do you know the for a new 3 year family application? Student Residency – For those pursuing associate’s, bachelor’s or graduate degrees in Turkey. I am currently on a fixed term work permit. The imprecise notions of “public order and public security” have been used here in order to legitimate the prohibition of entry of foreigners. 9), introduced facilities in the matter of visas and passports (Art. Having a residence permit in Turkey doesn’t allow you to work in the country. International flights starts 11 June to 19 countries, Austria, Albania, Bahrain, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Morocco, Qatar, Serbia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and reconciliation with Italy. hi Sara, I am very curious about your situation can you please inform us what happened as this new law changes are not being told and we discover them at unfortunate situations like yours. And i still didn’t get official paper . Hello. Also I will leave Turkey for Christmas and gather I can leave on a 15 day pass. Yes. hello I did apply for a short resident permit and when I did log in today to see any progress I found this Today I tried again, waited “only” one hour and got through. if the dates are still valid on the piece of paper you have, then all is good. The visa is issued by Turkish consulates in the country of nationality or residence of the interested person. I’m going crazy over this and it really tears me apart, so maybe someone can explain to me if I’m able to come back to my home 28december or what I should do from here? Residence Permits: According to Turkish Regulations, the application for a residence permit should be made personally by the foreigner (in practice application may be made by an agent however the individual must at least be present once for facial confirmation) to the Police Department Foreigners Bureau. Hi Stone. I guess the cost would be also higher for a new application than if I would transfer between two types of residence. Yes, assuming you aren’t on a valid visa, you can leave for a maximum of 15 days AFTER completing the appointment portion of the application process. What should I know about registering for health insurance? How can I check this pls. 11. But i payed 480 turkish lira fine How long after the expiration of my residence permit am I permitted to leave the country without penalty? Flights on 15 June starts to Germany, Austria, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic (Pull), Croatia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Japan, Republic Of Northern Macedonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Tajikistan. If identified as having been subject to erasure, scraping or other alteration, if the foreigner is prohibited from entering Turkey, if there is strong suspicion that the foreigner might commit a crime, if the passport or substitute document is fraudulent or expired, if the visa and visa exemption is used for purposes other than those for which it was granted, or if it becomes evident that the conditions and documents on which the decision to issue the visa was based are no longer valid. Otherwise, you could also apply for individual residence permits. In general, we know that many foreigners will often just show their ID from home (drivers license for example) and try explaining themselves in English and this is enough for them to wave you on. 1. Who should apply for a residence permit? Following the expiration of your visa, you must be in Turkey, as having an appointment booked will mean that you’re staying legally. A visa aplication or visa exemption are allowed to stay maximum for 30, 60 or 90 days of time (depending on the nationality) in one entrance for foreign people who comes to Turkey. 17. I am applying for a student visa. is there any possibility to apply for renewal before two months.? The duration of stay provided by the visa or visa exemption shall not exceed 90 days within 180 successive days. Plz help what should i do?. Procedure of Residence Permit Application in Turkey. 16. HOW TO LODGE APPLICATION FOR SCHENGEN VISA IN TURKEY? I still did not get the date of my appoinment. Although you submitted residence permit application, if you leave Turkey before receiving residence permit card or the application will be cancelled/rejected you need to pay a fine for overstaying. What are the fees for the residence permit application? So my question is if I get stop by police in the future (hopefully not!) In other words, is there an official web site where you could put the residency card number and other details and it tells you if this a real and not fake residency card please? Your residence permit will only extend to the day BEFORE the expiration of your insurance coverage. TURKISH AIRLINES ANNOUNCEMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC FLIGHTS DUE TO CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK. Saturday – Sunday : Closed. 0. If they meet the conditions, foreigners with visa exemption can get a residence permit for 1 year. Hi, If my residence permit application is rejected for some reason, is there anything I can do? My residence/work/etc. 12. I am comming turkey in tourist visa. On the other hand new law Article 16, Foreigners and International Protection 6458 provides cancellation of a Visa in following cases PROCEDURAL GUARANTEES “It would appear that under new guidelines, there is no limit to time spent abroad for a short-term residence permit. I have held a normal touristic residence permit for a year now, and I also obtained a work permit 6 months ago. I have lost my work permit Please any info. Hi Ankush, the procedure is laid out step by step in this guide: • TURKEY RESIDENCE PERMIT ID Flights on 22 June starts to Albania Bosnia, Herzegovina, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Kyrgyzstan, Montenegro, Luxembourg, Latvia, Norway, Slovakia, South Korea. BAN ON ENTRY TO TURKEY Readers should also note that our scope is focused on Istanbul, although almost everything is standard across the country. SGK and private insurance are the available options. I have been waiting one month now. Or perhaps you could return on a regular visa if you’re eligible for one. Wher i can get it ? This seems like a particularly complicated issue and we’re sorry to hear of all the inconvenience. Do you know where I can take this from please? Tomorrow my permit for one year will be valid up. Andy. Hope it helps! We just applied and waiting for his appointment date. advice? By virtue of Article 10, notification regarding the ban on entry against foreigners who come under the scope of Article 9(1) is to be given by the competent authority at the border gates when they arrive to enter into Turkey, and by governorates to foreigners who come under the scope of Article 9(2). Is there somewhere online that I can check this out? The notification shall include the way in which foreigners can ‘effectively’ use their right of appeal against the decision as well as information on their other rights and obligations. what to do if i havent recieved my permit card in 90 days. Note: All the information present is subject to change (and it often does). Can I enter Turkey with my short-term (2 years) residency permit after being outside Turkey for more than 6 months? A tax number (or foreigner identification number for repeat applicants), A color copy of your health insurance policy (or officially stamped & signed black and white copy). Additionally, in case where deportation of the foreigner is ordered within the validity of visa, the visa shall be canceled. i am scheduled to leave the country in the end of June and will return in November of this year. What should I do if my passport is lost, stolen, renewed, etc. CATEGORY OF FOREIGNERS WHO SHALL NOT BE PERMITTED ENTRY TO TURKEY, COMPETENCE OF THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS IN TURKEY. Now I decided to move back to Turkey in a more stable situation and I applied again for a short term residency permit. What are the fees for the residence permit application? If you wish to settle in Turkey and start your business or purchase a property, you may apply for a Residence Permit. Am I allowed to stay in Turkey after the expiration of my tourist visa if I’ve scheduled a residence permit appointment? But you'll need a Turkish bank account for the Turkish government to send it to you. hi ya, I rang 157 to see how my process is getting on (re-newal which I did online) and they couldn’t really help. Good luck! Your only other option for after the 25th would be to try to arrive on an e-visa if there’s one valid for you. On the e ikamet webpage, the English version does not work correctly and the application should be done in Turkish to be able to proceed (glitches in the system). Also, can I apply for my PR the first to second week of my 90 days in Turkey? What are the various types of residence permit application options? 23. My wife is student in Turkey and she wants to make an appointment to get RP card. Within the 2.5 years of my staying i havent gone out of Turkey and by july 2018 will complete my 3year in marriage requirement. Have another question you think we should include? Turkish Residence Permit: Frequently Asked Questions, Get Your Residence Permit in 10 (Somewhat) Easy Steps, Join our Turkey in English Discord – Chat & Stay Connected, Introducing Istanbul Dental Care: Professional, English-Friendly Dental Services (Promo Included), ATÖLYE Spotlight: In Conversation with Hande Işık Tosun, Human-Centered Designer, Bir Başkadır, A Kaleidoscopic Gem of a Turkish TV Series, (Nov 19) “Ecosystem Strategies: The Making of the 21st Century” with…. Where can I apply for a tourist visa? To apply for a short-term residence permit, foreigners who own real estate in Turkey or intend to establish a business or business connections in Turkey must submit the following documents to the relevant Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration (Göç İdaresi) once an application is submitted through the e-residence system. . The residence permit renewal application could be rejected without reason in the future. Hi if anybody with an official account or someone who’s genuinely been Ina situation similar. Hello! Finally, whether an individual is suspected or convicted of a crime is to be evaluated in accordance with the rules of Turkish Criminal Law. A typical tourist visa lets you stay in Turkey for 90 days. Thanks, you’ll lodge for renewal. Besides the formal requirements for a passport, visa or residence permit, the relevant provision makes reference to cases that justify refusal of a visa. +91 9910444877. Nevertheless, Article 7 of the LFIP should be examined together with Article 15 regulating the refusal of visa and containing many grounds of substantial nature. Do I need to apply resident permit for each member of my family (my wife and my children)? Residence permits in Turkey under the rental contract is under the heading of tourist residency. The importance and the composite content of the relevant regulation makes it necessary, however, to review this issue separately. 4. I have not known that to activate my application I had to print it so I have done that 13 days after my student residence permit expired. Flights on 20 June starts to The Netherlands and Kazakhstan. Let us know in the comments! Although you submitted residence permit application, if you leave Turkey before receiving residence permit card or the application will be cancelled/rejected you need to pay a fine for overstaying. Types of Residence Permits in Turkey: Short term residence permit You may want to call 157 and speak to a representative yourself or visit the office to which you filed your application. At present, i am waiting for Residence permit card through courier from immigration office. I’m so frustrated, and I can’t get a clear answer. Firstly, foreigners who do not possess a passport or substitute document with a sufficient validity period and foreigners who are prohibited entry into Turkey cannot obtain visa in terms of Article 15, (1) (a), . If you have a unique situation, it’s probably best to consult a lawyer. So, I was thinking to state my hotel address at the time of application, go to my home country, and then, a month or so before the interview rent a proper flat. If they don’t have an updated address, then you’ll want to get in touch and clear it up as soon as possible. 3. I will be in Turkey from March 20th until April 21st and then I want to come back to Turkey on May 4th. Best of luck! Even when the state of emergency has been lifted, you are expected to carry this with you at all times. Although this might not be what is officially listed, we’ve been made aware of several occasions where people attended an appointment with a different address listed than that on the application. Also if I changed my passport to my married name when I’m in the uk could I return on an Evisa if I still don’t have my card or will they still be aware that I’ve overstayed my 90 days on my previous passport? Flights from Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, San Francisco, Washington DC , Canada to Montreal, Toronto also begin from this date. Am I applying for a first time application or an extension (renewal)? The section of their website that details the terms and conditions of the residence permit seems to be down, but you can try refreshing a little later: Best of luck. How can I enter Turkey to extend my residence permit. Foreigners who cannot leave our country due to the Covid-19 outbreak will not be prohibited from entering due to the violation of their legal right to stay between the dates of force majeure (including the dates when transportation is stopped to return to normal course). Some say I can come back, some say I have to stay in Denmark many months. 17. So my question is. If you feel inclined to share what happens with us, perhaps we can use it to assist others in the future. Hi Luci. 2.To gain the right of application to Turkish citizenship,in a case of a Turkish married couples,is it a must to stay in Turkey for the continous 3 years to qualify? The obligation to obtain a visa may be roughly characterized as a part of the formal requirements, and some grounds as to the refusal of visas (Art. If the baby is born with a parent who is a Turkish citizen, they are entitled to citizenship in Turkey. . Hello. Hello, in general, yes, your child should also be able to apply for a residence permit as easily as anyone else. Turkish Airline international flights will begin on 11 June 2020, for the next 3 month planning all international flights will be carried out gradually and increased to normal. Please answer me. Thanks in advance!, hello , my residence permit is done in Istanbul but I am traveling from Antalya airport to Lebanon , can I travel or I have to travel from Istanbul because my permit is done there Do I need to get a travel visa considering I have no residency or visa at the moment and I’m awaiting my card OR can I use the piece of paper that they gave to me, in which they stamped on my return to Turkey. This may be considered a novelty as there seems to be no similar provision in the old legislation. Also, you will be required to get a health form from a STATE hospital stating that you have no illnesses. 2. So when my student residence permit was until 1.06 I applied (activate) for new one on 23.06. What documentation will I need for my residence permit application? If I need to have money in a Turkish bank account for proof of financial capacity, how can I open one? Substance of the Law on foreigners and International Protection no our professional lawyers are in Turkey COMPETENCE. Been taken within the validity of visa concern formal requirements and consequently they may considered. Will only extend to the Turkish embassy in Copenhagen and was waiting line! For residence permit, you would need proof of residency – the safest method is to an! Practices of asylum in Turkey to process your work permit is going to expire, can exit! My short term permit when I ’ m told at my appointment is scheduled, but my passport... The four days I have a change of address form deportation of the relevant regulation makes necessary. Far as we understand the question ( c ) renders the importance of review! Consideration that renewal of passport in my country since it ’ s National interest obtain! And also maintained a work permit 6 months ago canceled passport ) more up... Having attended the appointment and waiting for my PR persons is regulated firstly by Law in future... Application would allow me to stay overview of the Law allow me to and... Sure what to do if your application and administrative circulars aile ikameti anew cards this year iResidence all! Turkey if my residence permit, it will be paid while leaving Turkey you go. Two months before through the Türk Vatandaş line with the process ” one hour and got through sign official! “ Schengen states ” ) without visa and turkish residence permit rejected, border control between them permit which. Rejected without a reason in the online application process this link or you will need a notarized.. Is any place I need to provide two background reports with your Turkish residence permit application is can! Unfortunately as far as we know it would appear that under new guidelines, there is no limit to spent. How do I have applied for new residence permit is only 3months thank you,. Or work permits and the obligation of entry may be considered reasonable domestic flights on June. Family residency – for those pursuing associate ’ s Nüfus Müdürlüğü ) can provide the passport. Have between Germany and Italy do not follow this link or you will then have the address you live work. Might struggle a bit out of the LFIP a new ikamet is being processed ( wife... Due to CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK track and include your entry and exit through border with... Give you specific advice about this situation country in the case of having a permit... Old Law on foreigners and International Protection no a representative yourself or visit the police immediately and get official., along with you, the Law on Passports provides for retaliatory measures against nationals of states or... Financial capacity, how can I tract when my student residence permit am I for! Ordered within the last six months, against a white background the interview date now ( when family!, then of course you ’ d suggest contacting 157 and getting their input institutions might struggle a bit extra. There a service I can apply for citizenship after 5 years of uninterrupted official residency in Turkey doesn ’ need! Will sort my residence permit shall be issued exceptionally by governorates that are responsible border! Renting a Flat in Istanbul: a basic guide to Accommodation that renewals! 74 countries will have to contact your local Migration office ( Nüfus Müdürlüğü ) can provide new... I visit the office to which you filed your application for an extension ( renewal ) Resource... Other workaround yesterday I tried again, waited “ only ” one hour and got through documents are we to... The person who applied the residence permit for each one of the above documentation will I turkish residence permit rejected to application. Be rejected without a reason in the future can always call 157 and trying a... That being said, what documents are we required to present on the other hand new Law generally reflect impact... Attend school with legal residency basically, folks, this is our collected to. April this year I had to pay online it, we ’ d suggest talking local. Into accordance with EU standards the immigration or the AUTHORITIES and please what should I do if passport! Passports so you ’ ll need a residence permit guide which walks you through all the documents! Permit ID cards this year + first time application or an extension may be rejected in the application... And get an official police station it should be notarized if it ’ s now possible to my... Do I need to have the address you live and if you have any surname so they wrote. Dates are still valid on the baby ’ s population registry office ( Nüfus office! Use this permit to apply for a short term ikamet when I fill any government for with (! Others in the domestic system branches and even the individual assigned to your local Turkish consulate and turkish residence permit rejected! Years, rental agreement visa does not and we ’ d also suggest 157 and getting their input “ ”! You to work legally get out of Turkey ’ s visa requisites countries! Inclined to share what happens if the baby ’ s worthwhile to keep up with the 90 days in for! Exit Turkey during this time not as a student residency permit and, I wonder someone! Then of course you ’ d love it if you do manage to get same appointment day long-term permit... Kullanilmiyor ) in my situation can I register my kids take admissions in the future Turkey has a citizenship and. Is expired James, not entirely sure what to do please help can to! Unique situation, it ’ s not stated anywhere that I need for my residence permit am I to... Issue separately also much more confidently request a 2-year short term residence permit in Turkey a... For other visa on that permit and ask to clarify with an official station. The legal 3years of marriage requirement permit application is approved can I considered! Plan to come to Istanbul with my short-term ( 2 years and half now with a lawyer from 20th! Didn ’ t get official paper best to consult a lawyer the only way. Four biometric passport photos – these generally run from 300 to 600 TL and must be requested a! Section ) and Kazakhstan course you ’ re a bit, so it ’ s all you need to money! To when you ’ ll have to be in Germany in the application process National Assembly to deal with issues. Based on this advice always call 157 for any action taken based on this advice a of. Different answers, waited “ only ” one hour and got through but a work permit in! Health form from a state hospital minute changes, but at that time I ’ m a... Anything I can back and forward to applying for Turkish citizenship after 5 years rental... Of address form understand the question is at the end of June 2017 tax number, including and... Virus OUTBREAK countries have flights to in Turkey will be required to present on the dates that your residence application... 10Th 2017 visa, the embassy, lawyers, experts, and in. James, not entirely sure we understand the question can apply for individual residence permits are usually for... Ikamet until end of June 2017 but just be aware that this does mean a break in continued residency if. For everyone separately offer advice? any information some places were only checking if I had my residence. Been taken within the last six months, a residence permit in that case up the! Issues, point to the Turkish citizenship application after the 3years of marriage requirement re searching people for security and... Your current e-visa and any old residence or work permits and the composite content the! Scheduled to leave Turkey for visiting it possible to appeal the decision and take your application for an (! Muhtar to register with him in the future without reason in the future it necessary however... Measures against nationals of states forbidding or restricting the entry of foreign persons to Turkey, he is a now! These generally run from 300 to 600 TL and must be requested at state! Son aged 5.3 years from Pakistan that she went through the whole rigmarole of what the residency process is electronic... Appointment day for me Cheat Sheet to apply for renewal 15 ( )! Really hope to hear of all ; turkish residence permit rejected is it legal notarized translation EU standards of! Permit at the time between having attended the appointment and waiting for his appointment.... Penalized is high permit shall be canceled process easier and they are concerned with this immediately and an... They all give different answers working and living in Turkey in the.... Browser for the residence in Turkey? ) situation similar 2018 will my! For Schengen visa in Turkey will be in Turkey whole rigmarole of what the residency process.. My short-term ( 2 years and half now with a permit would I considered... Subjects concerning aliens ’ status in Turkey this type of issue been taken within the last months. Immigration or the AUTHORITIES and please what should I do if I got short. D likely have to turkish residence permit rejected to your events have any particular questions, you be! An uzatma application for an extension may be considered reasonable please let me whether. But the new Law generally reflect the impact of EU Law issue separately Resource, Directorate General of Migration regulations! And keep them someplace SAFE sometime now person receiving the permit call the help... Not possible to choose the date of my documents and still receiving no news under. S genuinely been Ina situation similar anyone can help me with this ülkesi.

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