A tube 36, sometimes referred to as a hot tube, provides the chamber in which the vortex phenomenon takes place. 208R Pressure Regulator Max. It has no moving parts. on Jan 29, 2019 at 14:54 UTC. Abstract A vortex tube is a Thermo-fluidic device, which generates cold and hot streams from a single injection of pressurized gas. Vortex air or liquid cooled gas cooler is an alternative choice if electrical cooling cannot fit into your system, benefits; cheaper and easy installation in Explosion hazardous … inlet means connected to said tube for introducing air into said tube and creating a high speed vortex, said vortex being characterized by an axially moving shell of relatively hot air and a core of relatively colder air, valve means for releasing hot air from said tube, cold air escape means in communication with said coil; means connecting said air compressor to said air inlet means for supplying air to said vortex assemb.y, said connecting means including a heat exchanger connected to the exhaust end of said coil for cooling the air from said compressor before entering said vortex assembly; and an exhaust line connected between said heat exchanger and a portion of said vortex assembly surrounding said tube for allowing the exhaust air to cool said tube. Vertex manufactures and distributes water filtration, purification and conditioning products using proven technology and the highest quality materials since 1998. Therefore, it is to be understood that, within the scope of the appended claims, the invention may be practiced otherwise than as specifically shown and described. Equipment-Cooling Vortex Tube Kits Kits include one vortex tube for converting compressed air into a stream of cold air as well as airflow adjusters, a cold-air muffler, a tube fitting, and tubing. This counterflow of spinning air up the core of the hot tube is in the process of losing heat all the way, and after passing through the orifice loses more heat by further expansion through the orifice. t a: 1 E 0 INVEN TOR. Menu. 17, 1956 2,763,150 OBannon Sept. 18, 1956 2,770,103 Florea Nov. 13, 1956 2,790,310 Green Apr. The Vortex8 is a versatile 2×1 RGBW system with CCT ranging from 2200K to 15000K that can be used as a hard punch light to bounce or push through diffusion, or as a creamy soft light with the Creamsource Dome or DoPchoice Snapbag. Accordingly, it is another principal object of the invention to provide a new and useful application of the principle of vortex cooling, which application affords a practical method for cooling drinking water in railway locomotives. Department. carbon di:oxide - injected tangentially into vortex tube and released coaxially via Venturi tube, Portable self-cooling and self-heating device for food and beverage containers, Self-cooling container including liner member, Energy transfer tube apparatus, systems, and methods, Methods and devices for drying hydrocarbon containing gas, Vortexing liquid dispenser and method of use, Portable cooling device for fluids and food, Expanding gas in a plurality of vortex tubes, A portable self-cooling and self-heating device for food and beverage containers, A self-chilling food or beverage container, Electrically-driven cooling/heating system utilizing circulated liquid, Thermal sweep insulation system for minimizing entropy increase of an associated adiabatic enthalpizer, Screw compressor with integral oil cooling, Starting up system for heat producing and consuming plants, Multistage gas compressor, thermostatically controlled intercooler system, and method for substantially minimizing water condensation in a multistage gas compressor, Brayton cycle system with refrigerated intake and condensed water injection, Installation for the secondary liquefaction of gas, Method and apparatus for dissipating heat in gas turbines during shut-down, Method and apparatus for improving the firedamp safety of an internal combustion engine for underground operation. Accordingly, it has been an ideal combination to provide the vortex type of cooling, which is incapable of deterioration under vibration of the nature found in railway locomotives, with the vast air supply which is not used most of the time when water cooling is needed. The air compressor 53 for the locomotive is located in the engine room and the cabinet 10 which houses the water cooling system is shown as being located in the cab 51. The newest VERTEX PureWaterCooler™ PWC-8000 premium 2-temperature bottle-less water cooler has a built-in ice-maker that makes up to 20 pounds of ice a day. As noted above, the cold air stream loses more heat as it passes through the orifice 18 into the chamber 45. Cooler Master JetFlo 120 is a multi-purpose fan that can be used as a static pressure fan for heatsinks and radiators, and also as an airflow fan for PC cases. 1. Control panels in food manufacturing plants must be protected from frequent wash-downs as well as high temperatures, or it can result in thousands of dollars of lost revenue. The Auxiliary Cooler Package ties into the jacket water “OUT” … Asia. A refrigeration device known as a Hilsch vortex tube is a device which has been thoroughly examined in the laboratory and found to be entirely workable, but of little or no commercial utility. Application: Welding Equipment Cooling. Vortex Enclosure Coolers maintain a slight pressurization in the cabinet to keep electrical and electronic components clean and dry; and most are thermostatically controlled to maintain enclosure temperatures within a specified temperature range. The electric water cooler was quickly accepted by the railway operating personnel, and generally disapproved operating the engine unless the water cooler was operative to supply them with cool drinking water during working hours. The top cap structure. Home & Kitchen; Kitchen Small Appliances; Water Coolers & Filters; Coffee, Tea & Espresso; Tools & Home Improvement; Patio, Lawn & Garden; Lab Instruments & Equipment; Sports & … Use them to keep heat-sensitive electronic equipment cool with cold air. In addition to cooling, it also reduces the relative humidity within the enclosure it is mounted on. Vortex CHC offers a proven solution for maximizing equipment operating efficiency, safety and reliability via its multi-patented … This compressor capacity is used to pump up the brake system of the train and supply control air to the locomotive. 1, the c ld air passes from the orifice 18 through a tube 1? Near the injection point, the inner part of the peripheral flow turns back and moves … CAQLETON 0. A prime example is a munitions factory. t a: 1 E 0 INVEN TOR. When a vortex line ends at a boundary surface, the reduced pressure may also draw matter from that surface into the core. This person is a verified professional. No. Tofaş Türk Otomobi̇l Fabri̇kasi A.Ş. Warranty: 1 Year. Furthermore, the present invention does not require any device which will produce a spark. To provide structural means of assembly, a body 27 is provided as a top cap end for the tube. In such industry there is an abundance of air available. (Cl. BP Vortex cooler. Support. Vortex Cooler for sale in particular are seen as one of the categories with the greatest potential in consumer electronics. The vortex spirals down the tube to a throttle end 17 where the excess heated air is released. Therefore, diesel engines from their earliest models have generally been supplied with electric water coolers. A water supply bottle 22 is inverted over tank 21 and sealed by a collar 23 to supply water to the tank 21 as needed. A cabinet 10 is provided as a general housing. References Qited in the file of this patent UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,934,371 Mufily Nov. 7, 1933 2,741,899 Von Linde Apr. Turning now to the FIGURES 2 through 4, the particular vortex assembly '16 illustrated for the purpose of this invention has been developed as a simplified structure capable of being manufactured inexpensively and efliciently by common machine tool method. At the pressure indicated, it is common to receive a resultant temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit, or less, after passing through the orifice l3. IN A RAILWAY LOCOMOTIVE INCLUDING A BRAKING SYSTEM, A CONTROL AIR SYSTEM, AND AN AIR COMPRESSOR FOR SUPPLYING AIR TO OPERATE SAID BRAKING SYSTEM AND CONTROL AIR SYSTEM, THE COMBINATION WITH SAID LOCOMOTIVE OF A WATER COOLING APPARATUS COMPRISING A WATER TANK; A COLD AIR CONDUCTING COIL SURROUNDING SAID TANK FOR COOLING THE WATER; A VORTEX ASSEMBLY CONNECTED TO SAID COIL FOR SUPPLYING COLD AIR, SAID VORTEX ASSEMBLY INCLUDING A TUBE, AIR INLET MEANS CONNECTED TO SAID TUBE FOR INTRODUCING AIR INTO SAID TUBE AND CREATING A HIGH SPEED VORTEX, SAID VORTEX BEING CHARACTERIZED BY AN AXIALLY MOVING SHELL OF RELATIVELY HOT AIR AND A CORE OF RELATIVELY COLDER AIR, VALVE MEANS FOR RELEASING HOT AIR FROM SAID TUBE, AND COLD AIR ESCAPE MEANS IN COMMUNICATION WITH SAID COIL; MEANS CONNECTING SAID AIR COMPRESSOR TO SAID AIR INLET MEANS FOR SUPPLYING AIR TO SAID VORTEX ASSEMBLY, SAID CONNECTING MEANS INCLUDING A HEAT EXCHANGER CONNECTED TO THE EXHAUST END OF SAID COIL FOR COOLING THE AIR FROM SAID COMPRESSOR BEFORE ENTERING SAID VORTEX ASSEMBLY; AND AN EXHAUST LINE CONNECTED BETWEEN SAID HEAT EXCHANGER AND A PORTION OF SAID VORTEX ASSEMBLY SURROUNDING SAID TUBE FOR ALLOWING THE EXHAUST AIR TO COOL SAID TUBE. An arrow indicated by the reference character 11, indicates the entrance of air into the system from a suitable source, which is preferably the compressor of a locomotive. It has been found that the temperature drop of the air is fixed in relationship to the temperature of the air supplied. CAQLETON 0. Oceania HOME - PRODUCT - GAMER STORM - CPU Liquid Cooler. chances we are your ultimate thermal solution provider. Electric cabinet coolers working on same principle are very reliable coolers. 7710: VORTEX WATER COOLER Filed Dec. 28, 1961 3 Sheets-Sheet 3 5| 50 I" AHA/\HAW 154 a a 55m 0!? The vortex tube has no moving parts for a long service life. Join us. In conventional electrically operated water cooling systems for locomotives of the type shown, it is necessary to provide a D.C. generator and a storage battery, the generator being driven by the engine crankshaft to charge the battery. When the fluid is injected into the vortex tube, the main part of the fluid rotates and moves along the periphery towards the hot end. For these purposes, the preferred embodiment of the invention includes an exhaust line 24 which connects the coil 29 to the heat exchanger 12. There are several ranges of devices for compressed air capacity. Design Envelope. Temperatures as low as -30 F. have been accomplished. South America. The usual electric cooling system further includes a DC. How to solve this inherent contradiction? This is due to the fact that it generates both high static pressure and high airflow and can be classified as a hybrid fan. In a railway locomotive including a braking syste 1., a control air system, and an air compressor for supplying air to operate said braking system and control air system, the combination with said locomotive of a water cooling apparatus comprising a water tank; a cold air conducting coil surrounding said tank for cooling the water; a vortex assembly connected to said coil for supplying cold air, said vortex assembly including a tube, air. For dry gas analyser applications with dewpoint up to the Vortex air temperature below 8°C or the cooling water temperature. Polar Vortex. The cooling effect in a vortex tube. Vortex tubes are compact coolers which gives instantanous cold and hot air stream. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon . • A 5-micron water and particulate removal filter must be installed prior to any vortex cooler operation. The World of PC Building. VORTEX WATER COOLER Filed Dec. 28, 1961 3 Sheets-Sheet 3 5| 50 I" AHA/\HAW 154 a a 55m 0!? Buy COUGAR Vortex PWM Fan 120mm. Featured in organic finishing section of Metal Finishing magazine, this case study explains how natural gas pipeline powder coater EP Pipe Coating (Panama City, Fla.) used four Vortex A/C enclosure coolers to solve space and configuration issues posed by conventional air conditioners on an OEM powder coating system. 30, 1957 2,861,431 Van Deemter Nov. 25, 1958 2,873,582 Green Feb. 17, 1959 2,893,215 Hendal July 7, 1959 2,952,981 Bartlett Sept. 20, 1960. A condenser which is cooled by a fan must also be provided to remove the heat generated in the compressor. As shown, the locomotive 50 includes a cab 51 and an engine room 52. The result is productivity lost due to machine or line shutdowns. The core of a vortex in air is sometimes visible because water vapor condenses as the low pressure of the core causes adiabatic cooling; the funnel of a tornado is an example. However, the colder remaining air is much smaller in volume and hence has considerable less cooling capacity than a larger amount of air at somewhat Warmer temperature might be. 117 to 1465 Watts. flow rate 50 SCFM, 208RX Pressure Regulator Max. The apparatus as claimed in claim 2 wherein said cold air outlet means includes means defining an aperture aligned with the axis of said tube and a chamber downstream from said aperture, and wherein said throttle valve includes a plurality of exhaust openings radially disposed around said one end of said tube. Not to mention the ability … CASTLE 360EX WHITE. BEIJING ALAND WELDING CO., LTD. Application filed by Cleveland Technical Center Inc, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING; LIGHTING; HEATING; WEAPONS; BLASTING, REFRIGERATION OR COOLING; COMBINED HEATING AND REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS; HEAT PUMP SYSTEMS; MANUFACTURE OR STORAGE OF ICE; LIQUEFACTION SOLIDIFICATION OF GASES, REFRIGERATION MACHINES, PLANTS OR SYSTEMS; COMBINED HEATING AND REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS; HEAT-PUMP SYSTEMS, Compression machines, plant, or systems, in which the refrigerant is air or other gas of low boiling point, Compression machines, plant, or systems, in which the refrigerant is air or other gas of low boiling point using Joule-Thompson effect; using vortex effect, Compression machines, plant, or systems, in which the refrigerant is air or other gas of low boiling point using Joule-Thompson effect; using vortex effect using vortex effect. Contact us Today! CAPTAIN 360X WHITE. 77mm United States Patent Ofifice 3,074,243 Patented Jan. 22, 1953 3,074,243 VORTEX WATER COGLER Carleton D. Tilden, Painesville, … Although the vortex tube principle is notoriously inefiicient as a cooling system in comparison with other types of refrigeration devices, it has been observed that the railway locomotives have an abundant supply of air compressor capacity which is idle most of the time. Gas sample coolers based on Vortex (air cooling) or water cooling for demands of sample gas quality control. 701S-24A 5 Micron water particulate filter 25 SCFM, 701S-36A 5 micron water particulate filter 50 SCFM, 701S-40A 5 micron water particulate filter 70 SCFM, Thermostatically controlled models maintain enclosure temperatures within ideal range, Highly reliable, with full 10 year warranty, No ambient, dirty or humid air enters the cabinet, Can be used on all cabinets, even in tight spaces, No wiring required to install most models, Low cost, compared to Freon air conditioners, Thermostatically controlled models reduce operating cost, Multiple cooling capacities available, to optimize performance and operating cost, Little maintenance required, as compared to Freon A/C and fans, Small footprint to fit on all enclosures and in confined areas, Electrical thermostat models can be set to desired temperature, Maintains slight pressurization in the enclosure. The temperature of the air passing tnrough the orifice 18 will depend to a considerable extent upon the amount of air allowed to escape from the throttle end 17. Steam locomotives had been the principal prime movers in America and in many other countries of the world and began to be replaced by diesel power in the decade beginning about 1940. an orifice 1 8 just above the point of entry of the air from the valve 13 (F16. In addition to cooling, it also reduces the relative humidity within the enclosure it is mounted on. CASTLE 240EX WHITE. 37 also defines a chamber 45 which is downstream from the constricting, axially disposed cold air outlet orifice 18. The hilsch vortex tube, cools and heats air at the SAME time with no moving parts, and NO electricity. This Vortex cooler is an ideal solution to prevent overheating within the enclosure. The air leaving the coil 29 is usually about 4% to 3 degrees after the water temperature has been stabilized and therefore the exhaust air can be used to advantage to cool both the incoming air and the hot tube of the vortex assembly in which the vortex is created. The Pure Water Cooler taps into your city or well water supply to efficiently fil-ter out tastes and odor, and to remove molecular contaminants by using reverse osmosis technology: The Models are: 2000 and 3000 Model. Enclosure Coolers keep Electrical and Electronic Enclosures cool, clean and protected and are a low cost alternative to expensive, high maintenance air conditioners; and avoid contamination with dirty, humid air caused by fans. it's quite simple, and only a matter of getting the dimensions right! View larger video & image. Once the lines are pumped to capacity the air is no longer needed and the pumping capacity runs idle with no further use for its output capacity. Used where conventional refrigeration systems are not useful. About the same time as the invention and development of the vortex tube principle of cooling there was the beginning of another industrial development to take profound efiect upon the transportation industry of the world.

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